About us

About Us

Blue Insight is a specialist Business Intelligence Practice that has business users in mind. Our solutions provide social & collaborative BI so that you gain insight and make better decisions together.

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Your SAP system holds critical data. How can you use it as a competitive advantage? With our solutions you can connect directly to your SAP BW data warehouse so you can get value from your data:

  • Analyze new market opportunities based on your most successful current markets.
  • Investigate product cost information and identify savings opportunities.
  • Do what-if analysis to understand sensitivities for your business.
  • Mash up SAP data with demographics, market data and other internal data sources to get a sophisticated understanding of your business.

Aberdeen Research found that "companies that harness Business Intelligence to ERP are also 50% more likely than their peers to have a performance driven culture that drives accountability." 

Innovative Solutions

Our solutions deliver a leading Discovery platform that enables users to explore live data, make discoveries and decisions, and solve business problems.

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Expert Services

We are dedicated to offer you a range of quality services to ensure that we are meeting your current & future analysis & reporting needs.

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World Leading BI Tools

We have partnered with some of the world’s leading software providers to deliver breakthrough Business Intelligence applications.

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